How have artists responded to our viewfinder?  Here's a sample of the many comments we've received.

 "Please send me.....I got my orignal from Albert Handel at a workshop and have found it to be one of my most used tools in my art supplies!"  N.M., Dothan AL

"I learned about this product from Jo Anna Arnett - a superb Santa Fe still life painter and excellent teacher.  What a fantastic tool - "  M.G., Houston TX

"I love your product and miss mine terribly.  It was taken by someone at a pastel workshop....and not returned of course."  J.M., Bonita Springs FL

"....and no other composition finders on the market can hold a candle to yours!" F.S., Philadelphia PA

"Please send me 2.....I have used your product and find it incredibly helpful."  S.K., Bedford NH  03110

"I was introduced to your viewfinder at a workshop.....Its wonderful and I look forward to rewarding my students with one for Christmas."  Y.S.,Granbury, TX

"Thank you so much for the creation & selling of your little "painters helper"!  Every plein air painter I know has one!" N.S., Quartz Hill, CA

"I've been using one [viewfinder] for the past year....and I love it!  I want to make them available to my students as well."  J.H., Rockville MD

"Please send me a viewfinder.....I love my first one so much, I need another!"  L.S., Glenview IL

Some of the noted artists who recommend the Picture Perfect view/value finder are:

MARY DEUTSCHMAN   North Light Book Club author of "Water-soluable Oils - No Experience Required"

ALBERT HANDELL  Nationally known award-winning artist & painting instructor, he's written - or been the subject of - numerous articles in most every art magazine.  Besides his books, videos and workshops, he also offers a mentoring program.

RICHARD McKINLEY   Award-winning artist, & top notch oil & pastel instructor!  If you can't take one of his VERY popular workshops, he's a regular contributor to "The Pastel Journal",  a North Light Book club auther,  has videos available and even has a "blog" for painters.

MAGGIE  PRICE   Co-founder & former editor of "Pastel Journal", award-winning painter, workshop teacher, and author of several books and videos, Maggie also had a monthly Q&A column in "Pastel Journal" for many years.

IAN ROBERTS   Besides his great "Mastering Composition" video Ian now offers a "Plein Air Painting" video, is the North Light Book Club author of "Mastering Composition", & conducts workshops.

ANITA LOUISE WEST   Co-author with Albert Handell of "Painting the Landscape in Pastel",  this versatile artist's offerings include oil painting workshops.